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Final Fantasy V
Hello everyone! Welcome to LJ's only fandom-friendly FFV community! Everything's welcome: icons, fan-art, fanfics, your collection, other fan-works, discussions, and so on!

The only rules are as follows:
1) Be civil. Differing opinions are okay and welcome, but we don't want flame wars and insults.
   1b) Do not bash. No bashing allowed, be it for fictional relationships, characters, and other such things. The human experience is highly variable and multifaceted, and what holds true for you may not hold true for others. In short: everyone and everything is welcome, including slash, het, femmeslash, incest, giant sea dragons, whatever. It's all good!
2) Warn for adult content. All content with porn or gratuitous violence should be under a cut and given a warning before the cut or in the subject header.
3) Stay on topic. This community is for FF5 only. Maybe crossovers. Please take your Cloud/Tifa/Cait Sith/Red XIII orgy fanfic to one of the many comms dedicated to other Final Fantasies.
4) Have fun. Really, this is a hobby, not Serious Business.